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The optimizer bases of knowledge

The development of fuzzy controllers is one of the practical applications of fuzzy systems. For developers of control systems, fuzzy systems are so attractive because of the fact that they are universal approximator systems with badly known dynamics and structure. The optimizer bases of knowledge is based on soft calculations technologies, including the use of genetic algorithms to find optimal control and the use of fuzzy neural network to approximate found optimal control signal and extract based on his best knowledge.

Quantum optimizer bases of knowledge

The use of soft calculations technologies based on genetic algorithms and fuzzy neural networks, expanded the field of effective application of the fuzzy controller by adding new functions as learning and adaptation. However, it is very difficult to design a global "good" , robust structure of the intelligent system management. This limitation is especially true for contingency management, facility management when operating in a dramatically changing environment (failure of sensors or noise in the measurement system, the presence of time delay control signals or measurement, a sharp change in the structure of the object or control parameters, etc.).


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Managing multi-link robot manipulator

Creating a system management of a robot manipulator with seven degrees of freedom is an ambitious task that is possible for quantum computing. The control system at the same time provides an invariant control in real-time management in unexpected situations.

The system of encoding / decoding information in graphic images and videos based on quantum algorithms

At present the optimal solution to protect the confidentiality of the presentation layer is encryption. However, in the case of streaming video features the most popular encryption algorithms may be limited due to their lack of speed. During the last years it was suggested many specialized encryption algorithms as a possible solution to the problem of protection of digital images and video stream, but most of these algorithms do not have sufficient cryptographic strength.